Animal Crafts for Kids – Forest Friends White Owl

A simple, step-by-step, white owl craft for kids.

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I am so excited to share an adorable collection of animal crafts for kids that are perfect for kindergarteners, preschoolers, and toddlers. There are 7 different animal crafts to choose from. You can find each of the animal crafts for kids linked below.

Supply List: 


Press both sides of the top of the roll down to meet in the middle, this forms the ears of the owl 

Paint the entire roll any color you like, let dry 

Glue on craft eyes 

Using the paper, cut a small triangle shape for the nose and glue it just below the eyes

Cut out wing shapes and glue to the sides of the roll 

Use the paint pens or markers to add detail to the ears, body, and wings 

Your owl is complete! 

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