Ballon Tennis Craft and Indoor Games for Kids

If you need a fun indoor game to keep the family entertained while it’s cold outside, you’re going to love this balloon tennis craft and game.

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If you’re running out of indoor activities to do while it’s raining or cold outside, then I totally get you! We were too. If there’s one thing that has really been a HUGE bummer during the pandemic, it has been staying indoors throughout the entire cold and wet winter. So, I created this fun balloon tennis craft and game to keep me and my daughter busy for a while.

This balloon tennis craft and indoor game was so much fun. This gross motor movement game is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Actually, it’s great for kids of all ages. You’re going to love it.

Supply List:

Creating the Balloon Tennis Craft:

Use the paint pens or markers to decorate the inside portion of both paper plates in any desired design 

Decorate the bottom section of each craft stick with the same design as the plates 

For the handles, use the hot glue to attach the craft sticks to the plates from the back side as shown – make sure the design is facing forward 

Finally, blow up the balloon and use your paper plate racquet to volley it back and forth with a friend! This balloon tennis craft is a great game for indoor or outdoor play! 

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