Colorful Kite Popsicle Stick Craft for Kids

A cute and simple popsicle stick kite craft for kids.

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I am dreaming of spring weather, walks in the park, and the warmth of the sun. Maybe it’s because I’ve been stuck inside for days and days and days. Or, maybe it’s because summer is my most favorite season of all. Those warm, fun days inspired this colorful and fun kite craft for kids.

Supply List:


Glue each end of the 4 craft sticks together in the shape of a kite – diamond shape as shown – to form the kite frame 

Use the frame to measure the kite material, cut to size and glue face down to one side of the frame, turn over to view the front of the kite 

Cut two pieces of streamer approximately 16 inches long, then cut both in half vertically to form four streamers 

Glue the four streamers together at one end and attach to the bottom of the kite from the back side 

For the finger loop, cut the pipe cleaner in half and glue one piece to the top of the kite from the back side as shown

Your kite is now complete!  

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