Printable Winter I Spy Games

Practice shapes and counting with these fun printable winter I Spy games.

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I promised myself that I was going to be done posting winter & Christmas content. Fully committed…moving on to new holidays and seasons. But then…this printable winter I Spy printable game set just called to me and I had to create it for you.

As a full-time elementary school teacher, my students are always crazy about I Spy games. They can’t get enough of them and they are the perfect incentive for getting work done quickly.

I knew that creating set for toddlers and preschoolers was a great choice!

In order to make these printable games educationally focused, I included shapes and counting in these games as well.

These are so simple to use and after a few tries, your child will know exactly what to do when they see an I Spy game in the future.

If you love this printable winter I Spy game, let me know that you’d like to see more in the future for other holidays and they’ll land right on my to-do list for you!

Have fun!

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