St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Binocular Craft for Kids

When you create these lucky binoculars for St. Patrick’s Day, your kids will be feeling lucky and ready to go hunt for treasure!

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If you’re planning on going out on a St. Patrick’s Day treasure hunt, you’re going to want to make sure that you create these lucky binoculars with your kids.

This St. Patrick’s Day lucky binocular craft is perfect for helping you seek out that magical treasure at the end of the rainbow.

Supply List:

Lucky Binocular Instructions:

Using construction paper or foam paper, cut to size and completely cover the tissue paper rolls.

Cut to size and glue the pipe cleaners around both ends of the covered roll

Decorate the rolls as desired with paint pens, markers, or cut outs from paper 

Use the hot glue to attach the 2 rolls together, press firmly until set

To attach the lanyard – cut string, yarn, or ribbon to desired length

Use the hole punch to make a hole in the outside top of each roll and tie the string through OR simply glue each end of the string to the inside of the roll on the outside top 

Your binoculars are now complete!  Good luck on your search for treasure! How can you not feel lucky when you have these lucky binoculars by your side?  

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